How to find a soulmate in Omegle

How To Impress A Girl On Video Dating in 1 Sec

Many guys, fearing a refusal, do not dare to say a word in the start of live video dating. And banal phrases like “Hello, how are you?” or “You are beautiful” are the first things which come to their mind. That is why it is superb if a man tries to impress a woman quickly, provoking an interest to him from her site.

There are some proven techniques to succeed in a video dating online from the very beginning:

  • Switch from a nerd to a macho

When communicating on the Internet, it is quite easy to present yourself as a completely different person. Then you can show your photos where you, for example, jumped with a parachute or just lift a heavy bar in the gym. Most likely, she will want to know some details, so you will reach your goal.

  • Be confident

During starting communication with a girl through a webcam, your face should be relaxed, and the mood – so smooth that even the most unusual questions you would perceive with complete tranquility.

  • Be unique

And anyway, if you want to show that you are not like everyone else – forget about the standard communication, in which you follow a series of rules of self-presentation. It’s boring, not interesting, and there are too many people like you.

Sometimes, even you can’t boldly answer her first “Hello”, calmly continue the conversation on another topic. Or ask her a question and then immediately go offline showing that you do not care what she will answer. Each such action challenges her and shows your charm or at list originality.

Make up strategy

However, if you are emotionally investing in communication, then you will want to quickly pick up your prize. But we advise you not to hurry. Surely you have already read or heard advice from pick-uppers many times, that you can not brake, but you need to try to quickly move to your goal. And in general, now fast seduction began to go into fashion: just look around – everyone strives to speed up the course of the event.

Evaluate your chances from her point of view

But let’s be honest with each other: if you were never interested in seduction, then the very goal of “making faster” will force you to act … stupidly. Yes, you will look stupid and unnatural in her eyes.

If you look at the situation through the eyes of a girl, then that’s what you may see. Every day dozens of new guys trying to communicate with her. And each of them asks several questions, and then, after considering that he has fulfilled his “duty”, immediately pledge for a phone number. It looks rather “low” as if the man does not have a sense of self-worth. This means that after all, he did not talk to her enough to find out how good her inner world is.

So study all three methods of fast flirt and decide what of them is better for you. Don’t be in rush, however, don’t miss a really cool girl.

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